Saturday, November 19, 2011


Efficient Forces Professionalism and Work Ethic and what it means to you”

Customers who have been with us will tell you that we have a service-focused mentality. Efficient Forces work ethic centers on:

Our customer’s needs: Customers come to us for lasting and reliable building maintenance solutions. They know we understand their everyday demands. They appreciate the fact that Efficient Forces doesn't provide “one-size-fits-all” answers. Yes, we’re proud of our expertise, but have built our business on listening to our customers.

Our company values: Our relationship with you will be built on respect, fairness, and dignity. It’s something not open to compromise. Every employee at Efficient Forces knows this and puts it into action at every job site.

New Levels of Performance: We make every effort to not only lead, but to transform the industry through our knowledge, integrity and professionalism, so that we can expertly handle anything you ask of us.

Value Added Relationships: We conduct business in a way that instills a sense of confidence in our customers. It’s something that reaches beyond Efficient Forces service competence; it’s a sense of security. You’ll know you chose wisely when you choose Efficient Forces.

Not just a philosophy. It’s how we do Business: Efficient Forces will never go into a bidding war if it means selling out on our values. You may find a cheaper, short-term solution from one of our competitors, but in the long run, “cheap” and “short-term” can cost more money than doing it the Right way. We don’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to safety, proper procedure, compliance and environmental concerns.

Respecting our Employees: We employ skilled and hardworking people. We have nothing but the greatest respect for them. Efficient Forces meets and exceeds legal, union and staff demands for safe working conditions and career mobility. Efficient Forces treats everyone justly and fairly. When employees are happy, we know they’ll do their best for our customers.

Strong financials mean the ability to offer you more: Efficient Forces Industries is one of the largest facilities services contractors in India. Our subsidiaries are leaders in their respective fields and are capable of independent growth as well as growth through acquisition. Our size, operational infrastructure and financial strength enable us to offer customers a level of sophistication that translates into savings and peace of mind.


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